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Our Story

Grüezi, which means "hello" in Swiss German, is more than just a great coffee experience. It's a story of collaboration, sustainability and striving for perfection.

Deep in the lush highlands of Angola, a traditional family owned coffee farm is growing a rare and precious bean that is treasured by coffee connoisseurs everywhere. Robusta Black Gold renowned the world over are dark in color, almost black, with notes of dark chocolate, hint of nuttiness and full-bodied flavor. 




It is said that the Black Gold Robusta beans are hand-picked under the light of a full moon, at the perfect stage of ripeness, and Grüezi has learned the secret of the perfect roast.

IMG_8703 2.jpg

Sipping a cup of Grüezi is a coffee experience like no other. Synonymous with luxury, exclusivity, and quality - Grüezi’s legend grows. To be served in the finest cafes, restaurants around the world and enjoyed in your home.

The Legend Grows

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